Italy nominates Pizza for UNESCO cultural heritage list

Italy’s UNESCO commission have put forward Neapolitan pizza making for UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list in order to distinguish it from American “New York” style pizza.

According to the True Neapolitan Pizza Association there are only two official types of Neapolitan Pizza. “Margherita” made from tomato, oil, mozzarella and basil and “Marinara” with tomato, oil, oregano and basil. All pizza ingredients and cooking elements are carefully detailed by the Association and to be a true Pizzaiolo you must adhere to all the rules.

The UNESCO committee meet annually to make decisions on new submissions for consideration. Other things being considered this year will be Belgian beer culture, flatbread making and sharing in Azerbaijan and a traditional Egyptian stick game called Tahtib. We won’t find out if it makes the cut until 2017 when the committee meet in Paris.

All this talk of Pizza is making me hungry. Here’s some Italian pizza I’m sure doesn’t conform to True Neapolitan standards but it still looks pretty tasty to me.


Pizza in Le Marche, not Naples.